One of the most important aspects of a child's education is exposure to the arts. Students with access to ongoing, high quality arts education are more likely to excel in their academic classes, have lower high school dropout rates and are twice as likely to graduate from college.

At the California Capital Arts Foundation, we're committed to expanding access to the arts for students in a variety of ways.

Examples of Films students can develop:

“A Day in the Life” of a local landmark, building, history of the city, or past public figure who was born in their town.

“A Day in the Life”  of a public figure such as a sports star, film or TV personality, or business leader who lives or works in the student’s town. 

“A Day in the Life” of  leading figure living in their neighborhood or town, i.e. The Police Chief, The Mayor, a local business leader, School principle or teacher, A Pastor,  or even their parents.

“A Day in the Life”  of how the pandemic affected the students. Perhaps find a local resident who had a particularly hard time.

“A Day in the Life”  of an artists or theatre company, “A Day in the Life”  of a TV anchor or weatherman.

“A Day in the Life” of an outdoor park, leisure areas, or an activity held in their town. “A Day in the Life”  of an animal shelter 

Unlike other similar programs which send the students how with a YouTube link of their work, “A Day In The Life” will produce a film festival which allows ALL of the students to showcase their work on the big screen! Students will also be given a flash drive contacting the projects they worked on. 

Project Metrics:

A series of short documentaries produced by young students at a high school, a church or youth organization i.e. Police Activities League (PAL).

The finished product is of high quality that is of broadcast quality and able to be screened.

The students would be guided through the process from beginning to end - "From Concept to Delivery" aided by filmmakers, writers, and editors who do this for a living.

Students are taught to work as a team, set deadlines and goals and take ownership of a completed project. 

“A Day in the Life” film festival will be organized to show every film made in the program. Students can invite family friends and peers to showcase their work. 

After each screening, the group of students who made that film would give a short presentation as to how they came up with the idea and discuss the filmmaking process

A panel of three judges made up of three notable people, i.e. The Mayor, a notable film producer, and perhaps a TV journalist would choose 1st 2nd 3rd place winners. 

Prizes awarded solicited through sponsorship by the California Capital Arts Foundation.

A ceremony for the winning students is held at City Hall, and the awards are presented by the Mayor or during a city council meeting which is useally televised. 

The winning film will be entered as an official entry into the California Capital Documentary Film Festival that is organized annually by the California Capital Arts Foundation. The film would be included in the festival screening program and shown as part of the festival. 

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