Life. Camera. Action! (LCA) is a leadership and life-skills development program that uses digital video and the art of storytelling to teach the youth (ages 12 to 18) to become successful productive citizens.  Life-Camera-Action operates in the Sacramento Region and is currently expanding to other regions.

Partnering with local middle and high schools, LCA is an innovative program that provides students, ages 12-18, opportunities to use technology and digital media to explore issues relative to them and their community.  As they create media projects, students learn and enhance their life skills through critical-thinking and literacy skills; experience new methods of learning and doing research; improve their competence in a wide range of academic subjects; develop leadership skills, team building skills; and improve their personal development and scholastic achievement.

Students have a voice and thrive on sharing their opinions to shape their future communities. One of the best platforms to share these opinions is by creating Public Service Announcements (PSA) about their passions for change. Though PSAs usually do not require much script writing, they do require students to tell a persuasive story. PSAs are often visual stories that provide information to an audience, evoke an emotion, and often have a call to action. They usually encourage the viewer to want to take some kind of action (i.e. spaying or neutering pets, donating money or switching to reusable bags). A successful PSA is persuasive.


1st Place Winner  –  CARLA AYALA

PSA – Families Torn Apart

There is a human side to the immigration debate and families unfortunately are being torn apart. Our students chose to tackle this subject because it is directly impacting them in their daily lives.

PSA – Domestic Violence

The impact of domestic violence on a child can be profound and last a lifetime. Our students, some from personal experience, decided to produce this short video in an effort to create awareness around this issue.

PSA – Water Conservation

3.9 trillion gallons of water are consumed in the United States every month. How do you conserve water?

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