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The California Capital Arts Foundation is the nonprofit arm of the California Capital Film Office located in Rancho Cordova, CA a neighboring city to Sacramento.  

The mission of the California Capital Arts Foundation is to encourage and develop a network of individuals and programing that cultivates, enriches, and sustains the arts in Sacramento. We are passionate about instilling a lasting respect for the arts that will augment the lives of the residents of Rancho Cordova as well as the Sacramento region as a whole. We value the trust of our greater community and the power of collaboration with the various organizations we work with, through which arts programming is fostered and made accessible to the public.  

The California Capital Arts foundation partners with various groups across the Sacramento region, The Rancho Cordova Police Activities League (PAL), The Mills Station Arts & Culture Center (MACC), Symphony D’Oro, Rancho Cordova and the Rancho Cordova Community Council.   Our latest project, Life! Camera! Action! in conjunction with Rancho Cordova PAL  taught students to develop from scratch, film and edit, well produced hard hitting PSAs on issues Important to the students. The results were enlightening and productive for the students which left them feeling with a great sense of accomplishments. The 2023 PSA’s can be viewed on our YouTube Channel (@californiacapitalarts).  

Future programs include “A Day in the Life” again in conjunction with PAL where students will be mentored through making a 20 minute documentary on a “Day in the Life” of something important to them. We are also working with the MCA to develop a full length documentary “American Dreamers” a film that looks at the plight of local Rancho Cordova immigrants that came to the USA seeking asylum. The Cal Cap Arts Foundation also operates a 70 seat black box theatre, and produce the popular “Rancho Cordova Podcast  

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