The Rancho Cordova Podcast, produced by the California Capital Film Office, a division of the California Capital Arts Foundation, is a window into the movers and shakers of Rancho Cordova, as well as the people who run the city and the entrepreneurs and business leaders that drive its economy.

Hosted by Executive Director of the California Capital Film Office, Charles Lago, the show features in-depth interviews and real stories from people living the Rancho Cordova lifestyle about topics near and dear to those living in our city and region - or those simply curious to find out more about Rancho Cordova – “All America City”.  

Every week you will hear interviews and discussions with politicians, newsmakers, inspiring entrepreneurs, and innovators as well as people who have shaped Rancho Cordova or who have been shaped by it by addressing topics of interest to you and your neighbors and your community. The discussion is fast, informative, and always civil. ​

In our “Get to Know City Hall” segment, we get up close and personal with the city leaders who form the policies that makes this city one of the best cities to live, work, and do business in the Sacramento Region, if not the best. They work hard every day to make Rancho Cordova “The All-America City” a distinction made twice (2010 & 2019) by the “The National Civic League” who’s mission is to “advance engagement to create equitable, thriving communities”, and Rancho Cordova certainly fits that description.  

We will have in depth conversations with the local entrepreneurs and business leaders and take the economic temperature of our city.

Rancho Cordova is known as the “City of Events” and we will speak to the folks who organize these yearly events and discuss what makes these events so great year after year, and at times, we will include you the listeners so you can tell our elected officials what’s on your mind. ​

So if you live in Rancho Cordova, the City of Sacramento or any of the cities in the Sacramento region, you will find this podcast interesting, informative and fun and please don’t forget to download us, rate us and please tell your friends. ​

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Our Latest Episode

In the week's episode, we talk to Brandon Luke, Chief of Police of the Rancho Cordova Police Dept.  Chief Luke visited our offices to record this episode at our podcast studio.  

We discussed the inner workings of the Rancho Cordova Police Dept, and Chief Luke described the inner workings of the many departments offered by the RCPD that in many instances are unique to a police agency of this size.

We discussed crime figures, homeless and mental health issues, the role school resource officers play in these days of horrific school shootings, and we even get to know our Police Chief Brandon Luke.

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